2. Copper Trail Print


Copper production was the cutting edge of technology in Jordan starting from the Copper Stone Age (6,000 years ago). Discover the various stages of copper production from the mines to the artifacts through ages.

  • 1st day: Arrival. Lecture by local archaeologist. Overnight in Amman;
  • 2nd day: Archaeology Museum at the Citadel, Amman Theater, city tour, over night in Amman;
  • 3rd day: Khirbet Faynan, Wadi Khalid copper mines, copper mines at Ratiah, over night in Faynan Eco-Camp;
  • 4th day: Khirbet Hamrat Ifdan, Khirbet en-Nuhas, Khirbet al- Jarih, Overnight at Faynan Eco-Camp;
  • 5th day: Umm al-‘Amad copper mine, overnight at Faynan Eco-Camp,
  • 6th day: Tell al-Maqass, Hujeirat al-Ghuzlan, over night in Aqaba;
  • 7th day: Free time in Aqaba
  • 8th day: Depending on the flights. Departure.