5. Nabataean trail Print


Discover the mysterious Nabataeans, the lords of the desert with their palaces, temples and royal tombs. Visit Petra of the Seven Wonders of the World and enjoy the moon valley in Jordanian desert.

  • 1st day: Arrival. Lecture by local archaeologist. Overnight in Amman;
  • 2nd day: Archaeology Museum at the Citadel, Amman Theater, city tour, over night in Amman;
  • 3rd day: Umm al-Jimal (ancient Thantia), Khirbet as Samrah (ancient Hatita), overnight Amman;
  • 4th day: Kings highway to Petra, stops at Madaba, Rabba (ancient Arepolis), Kerak (ancient Charach Moba), Khirbet adh-Dhareih, Khirbet at-Tannour, overnight in Petra.
  • 5th day: Petra, Little Petra, overnight at Petra;
  • 6th day: Humeimah, Wadi Rum, overnight Wadi Rum;
  • 7th day: Wadi Rum, over night at Wadi Rum;
  • 8th day: Depending on the flights. Departure.