1. Neolithic trail Print


Eyewitness the domestication of the landscape in the Ancient east. Discover first villages, first domesticated plants and animals through a tour that will take you to the most important Neolithic sites in Jordan.

  • 1st day: Arrival. Lecture by local archaeologist. Overnight in Amman;
  • 2nd day: Archaeology Museum at the Citadel, Ayn Ghazal (Mega site Pre-Pottery Neolithic B/C, Yarmoukian), Wadi Shu’aib (Mega site Pre-Pottery Neolithic B/C, Yarmoukian), Tuleilat al-Ghasul Pottery Neolithic/Chalcolithic), overnight at the Dead Sea;
  • 3rd day: Wadi Fidan 1 (Pre-Pottery Neolithic B), Tell Wadi Faynan (Pottery Neolithic), Wadi Faynan 16 (Pre-pottery Neolithic A), Ghuwair (Pre-Pottery Neolithic B), overnight at Faynan Eco-Camp;
  • 4th day: Copper mines at Wadi Khalid and copper smelting sites khirbet Hamrat Ifdan (Early Bronze Age) and Khirbet en-Nuhas (Iron Age), overnight at Faynan Eco-Camp;
  • 5th day: Namalah road to Shakaret Msai’eed (Pre-Pottery Neolithic A/B), Beidha (Pre-Pottery Neolithic A/B), Wadi Mousa (al Baseet PPNB), overnight in Petra;
  • 6th day: Petra, over night in Petra;
  • 7th day: Basta (Pre-Pottery Neolithic B/C), Ayn al- Jamam (Pre-Pottery Neolithic B), over night in Aqaba;
  • 8th day: Departure.