9. Islamic period (636-1920 B.C) Print


Discover Islamic art and culture. Visit sites representing this culture from its formative stage in the 7th century till the fall of the Ottoman Empire in the 20th century.

  • 1st day: Arrival, lecture on archaeology of Jordan by local archaeologist, over night in Amman;
  • 2nd day: Amman Citadel (the Early Islamic town including the palace, the audience hall, the water reservoir, the mosque, the market place, Archaeology Museum, over night in Amman;
  • 3rd day: Amra palace (World Heritage Site), Kharaneh, Mushatta palace, Qastal palace, over night in Amman;
  • 4th day: Halabat, Hammam as Sarah and Azraq; over night in Amman;
  • 5th day: Syrian pilgrimage route (Dab'a, Qatraneh, Unayza, Humayma, Aqaba castle. overnight in Aqaba;
  • 6th day: Ayla, Khirbet Sheikh Isa, Sugar mills, over night at the Dead Sea;
  • 7th day: Baptism site, Dead Sea, over night at the Dead Sea;
  • 8th day: Madaba, Departure.