4. Iron Age 1200-330 B.C. Print

Navigate through the Iron Age (3,000 years ago) of Jordan. Discover archaeological sites closely associated with the Ammonite, Moabite and Edomite kingdoms of Ancient Jordan and the neighbouring states

  • 1st day: Arrival. Lecture on Archaeology of Jordan by local archaeologist , over night in Amman;
  • 2nd day: Amman Citadel, Archaeology Museum, Ammonite tower, Abu Nusayr, Baq’a Valley, Overnight in Amman;
  • 3rd day: Hisban (Amorites' capital city), Madaba (Archaeology Museum), Mt. Nebo, Baptism site ( Elijah hill), over night at Dead Sea;
  • 4th day: Kings Highway, Dhiban (Moabites' capital city),Balu’, Kerak Museum, over night at Faynan Eco-Camp;
  • 5th day: Khirbet Faynan , Wadi Khalid copper mines, Khirbet en-Nuhas, over night at Faynan Eco-Camp;
  • 6th day: Namalah road (following the ancient caravan route from Araba to Petra), Wadi Mousa, Tawailan , Umm al-Biyarah, over night in Petra;
  • 7th day: Tafeila, Buseira (Biblical Bozra, the capital city of the Edomites), Tell Khulayfi, over night at Aqaba;
  • 8th day: Amman – Departure