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01Part of the Holy Land, which is located on the east bank of the Jordan River, pertains to the territory of modern Jordan. A part of the invaluable spiritual heritage of all mankind. Here, among the legendary desert landscapes of Jordan, many of the dramatic events unfolded earthly life and of the Holy Savior - a life entirely devoted to fulfillment of them more than a spiritual mission.

That's why more and more religious pilgrims today begin their journey to the East with Jordan, then to continue in the ancient land of Canaan, in the territory of modern Palestine and Israel: moving this way, they seemed to travel through time in the footsteps of the Old and New Testaments, again going through the whole series history of relations between God and man from the first page of Genesis to the present day.

Day 1:
Meeting and assistance at the airport, transfer to Amman.

Day 2:
After breakfast tour the Cave of Lot. It was here, according to Genesis, Lot and his daughters found refuge after having been destroyed Sodom. Then you will make a tour to Bethany - a place of baptism of Jesus Christ. Some of the local facilities are unique in every sense of the word - such as a prayer house of the early Christians and a large font of the Epiphany. Here is the Tel Mar Elias (Mount Saint Elias) - Upland, from where Elias was taken up alive into heaven. Excursion will continue with the trip to Mount Nebo, at the top of which there are remains of the church 4-6 centuries AD with beautiful mosaics on the floor for the protection of which Franciscan monks, who began to conduct excavations here in 1933, erected a modern building in form of a temple. Next stop on the route - the city of Madaba, mentioned in chronicles as early as 1300 BC and the glorious mosaic panels for its Roman-Byzantine era. Next awaits you tour Amman (Rabbah of the Ammonites - the capital of the kingdom of the Ammonites). You can witness the famous Citadel, attacking which, honest Uriah the Hittite died - sent by David to certain death (2-I Kings, 11:1-27). Overnight in Amman.

Day 3:
On this day you will take a trip to Jerusalem - this world famous city, one of the oldest and most famous cities of the Holy Land.
Despite the fact that Jerusalem was destroyed in 586 BC by  Babylonians, and in 70 BC by  Romans it revived and remains one of the 012greatest spiritual capitals of the world, the city of three religions - Judaism, Christianity and Islam.
First you go to the Mount of Olives, which offers a spectacular view of Jerusalem. Then you get to the Garden of Gethsemane, where, according to legend, was captured Jesus (Matthew 26:36-57, Mark 14:32-53, Luke 22:39-53, John 18:1-13). It is believed that this garden, which still has some very ancient olive trees with gnarled trunks, preserved from the time of Jesus. Then you will be guided through the Church of All Nations, you will see the Golden Gate and enjoy the Tower, visit the main room where the Last Supper took place. You have to walk through the pedestrian ancient Jerusalem, including visits to the Kotel. You will pass by the way of the Cross, and come to the Church of the Holy Sepulcher at Golgotha. In the evening you will return to Amman. Overnight in Amman.

Day 4:
After breakfast visit Ma'in. Free day at the sources Ma'in. Hot springs of Ma'in are popular from Roman times  as a place of treatment and rest for people who have shown the adoption of natural hot tubs. Night in Amman

013Day 5:
After breakfast, you’ll have tour the mountain Mukavir (Maherus) which located at the top of the hill & see remains of the castle of Herod Antipas, in prison of which John the Baptist was beheaded. Drive to Karak where is the tomb of the Biblical Noah. In the evening transfer to Petra. Overnight in Petra.

Day 6:
Tour to Petra for one day. This legendary city, more than 2000 years ago was the capital of the Nabatean kingdom, hidden in the heart of the rock. The road to it passes through the deep and narrow gorge Sik. You will see the ancient theater of 3000 seats, the monastery of Deir, the tomb of Aaron - brother of Moses, and, of course, one of the most famous monuments of Petra, called Treasury. In the evening transfer to Dead Sea.

Day 7:
Free day at Dead Sea. Water from the Dead Sea, renowned for its high density because of the abundance of dissolved mineral salts in it, has amazing healing properties. Tens of thousands of tourists come here every year to improve their health and just relax.

Day 8:
Transfer to the Airport.